Beachkind Böda Strand

Böda Sand ~ Staycation in Sweden at its best!

Böda Camping is probably known to the vast majority of Swedes. If not from your own holidays, then at least from television!

Just under half a kilometer from the more luxurious Böda Camping, there is also the more stripped-down Bödagårdens Camping, which is perfect for a cozy family holiday! Or why not a sporty week for everything from beginners to professionals, who want to play beach volleyball and/or take part in a tournament during v29-30?!

Böda beach stretches over several kilometers of beautiful white sand beach that definitely gives the feeling of being abroad on a real sun vacation!

At the TV-famous Böda Camping, you can find everything you need from grocery stores to restaurants to live performances in the evenings. At Bödagårdens Camping, where I myself stayed and camped, there is also a small shop and restaurant, miniature golf, kitchen, shower etc. and of course an ice cream kiosk by the beach.

I, who like active vacations, had one of my absolute best summer vacations with some training on the beach and my very first beach volleyball tournament (I'm a beginner, so it's really suitable for all levels to participate! ) . It also turned out to be a wonderful morning routine with yoga and a dip in the sea in the stillness of the morning.

What to say?! Staycation at its absolute best!

Have a Beachkind'a day!

~ Mari

Mari Klaup is one of our fine beach heroes who has been on Beachkind's journey since its launch in summer 2022!

Mari is doing athletics at an elite level and has previously represented the Estonian national team in both the EC and WC. Her biggest goal is to participate in the Olympics!

Mari's passion for an active and sustainable lifestyle is inspiring and really contagious! If you want to know more about Mari and take part in her advice in nutrition and health, you can find her on instagram @mari_yeti_k!

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