Belek ~ Lyxsemester i Turkiet!

Belek ~ Luxury holiday in Turkey!

I've actually never been abroad on a regular holiday before! For me as an active athlete, training camp is almost the same as vacation. I get the chance to travel to wonderful places, so of course the hard training sessions don't feel as tiring when you also on occasions get to rest on the beach ;)

In recent years, Belek on the southern coast of Turkey has become a favorite place. Mostly because of the training opportunities but the beach and the water is so beautiful here in the eastern Mediterranean and the Antalya coast!

If you stay at one of the several Gloria Hotels & Resorts that we do during the all-inclusive training camp, it really is a lot of inclusive! It is well worth the money!

The beach here is an exciting mix of the Mediterranean and the Alps. The sandy beach stretches as far as the eye can see and then you see high mountains with white snow peaks rising to magnificent heights!

Each hotel has luxurious outdoor pools. If you want to have a drink, ice cream or even a full meal, you can do it both by the pool and by the beach, because there are mini-restaurants everywhere!

I have always traveled here during the months of April or October in connection with my training camp. The temperature is the same in both seasons - about 20-25 degrees during the day and maybe around 15-17 degrees in the water. A delightfully refreshing difference! The sun is of course much stronger here than in Scandinavia, so being properly protected with SPF or clothing is a must!

Have a Beachkind'a day!

~ Mari

Mari Klaup is one of our fine beach heroes who has been on Beachkind's journey since its launch in summer 2022!

Mari is doing athletics at an elite level and has previously represented the Estonian national team in both the EC and WC. Her biggest goal is to participate in the Olympics!

Mari's passion for an active and sustainable lifestyle is inspiring and really contagious! If you want to know more about Mari and take part in her advice in nutrition and health, you can find her on instagram @mari_yeti_k!

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