Sanur ~ En ljuvlig strand på Gudarnas ö Bali

Sanur ~ A lovely beach on the Island of the Gods Bali

In the last ten years, my paths have crossed Bali many times, and more than a few winters I have lived there for a couple of months with my family. Bali is an indescribably beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, filled with beaches ranging from white paradise sand to black volcanic grains. Where each beach has its own charm, although there is also a certain place that I always return to. Namely the beach in Sanur. Light sand meets turquoise water. It is shallow and child-friendly, while also inviting snorkelling and colorful marine life. And if you are like me, and love to surf, you simply jump on a small boat from the shore and go out a couple of hundred meters to surf wonderful waves out in the coral reef.

The promenade is filled with wonderful hotels and lovely restaurants. One of my favorite activities is to sneak up extra early and run or walk along it, as the sun rises over the sea and leaves the sky a mix of pink and apricot orange. There are few things in the world that beat this place and it was one of the reasons why four years ago we also got married there.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Bali, don't forget to stop by Sanur. Enjoy the warm calm sea, the amazing locals, incredibly good food and the relaxing Balinese atmosphere. Tip for hotels on the beach is Puri Santrian. And tips for beach restaurants are Genius and Lilla Pantai.

Have a Beachkind'a day!
~ Louise

We are so proud and happy that our beach hero Louise Strömberg is joining us and talking about one of her absolute favorite beaches in Bali! We can't think of anyone else who has a better understanding of this paradise island than Louise :)

Louise describes herself as a self love coach, author, influencer, yoga teacher, holistic health activist, Mom and "the best friend who brings the good dessert"!

In addition to coaching, Louise also holds inspiring yoga retreats and offers relaxing yoga classes both on site and online.

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