Anyone can become a beach hero!

Beachkind was born from the idea of ​​a fragrant and safe sunscreen for everyone!

For us at Beachkind, it was especially important that the ingredients in our sunscreens should be kind to both humans, animals and our oceans.

Read more about our sunscreens below and become a beach hero today!

The family behind Beachkind

Natural ingredients

For us, natural ingredients were the only right choice!

Our sunscreens contain 100% natural ingredients - well tested and gentle ingredients such as natural and organic oils, butters, waxes, minerals and vitamins that have all been proven to be safe for human health.

Sun protection with minerals

Our sunscreen is a physical filter with small non-nano natural mineral particles from zinc oxide. Together with other softening ingredients, the zinc oxide forms a film on top of the skin to reflect away both UVA and UVB rays before they enter the skin. The formula protects the wearer directly from application.

Kind to marine life

Beachkind's sunscreen is free from ingredients such as Oxybenzone and Octinoxate (which are banned in some parts of the world like eg. Thailand & Hawaii), but also microplastics and nanoparticles.

When you use Beachkind's sun protection, you are a true beach hero!

For the whole family

We have chosen to work with mild and non-allergic ingredients - well tested ingredients such as natural and organic oils, butter, waxes, minerals and vitamins that have all been proven to be safe for human health.

Beachkind's products are safe for both children and adults, and also for pregnant women.

Eco-certified manufacturing

Beachkind's products are manufactured within the EU at a Cosmos Organic and GMP certified facility that places high demands on ingredients, manufacturing and own tests.

We are incredibly happy to have found a producer who has the same values as us and that we can develop and produce our products in a safe way.

Tested by independent party

In addition to our manufacturer's own tests, we have used an independent test lab to verify and certify the products' sun protection factor (UVA/UVB) according to several of the different requirements for sun protection.

Thanks for reading this far! Now you are ready to become a beach hero!