Mona & Christian


We are Beachkind!

Beachkind was started in 2021 by us, a family in Sweden. Mona, Christian and our two little boys of preschool age.

Mona has previously run a blog about natural beauty and has a great interest in organic and natural products.

Christian has for many years worked with purchasing, production and sales in e-commerce and is passionate about product development and branding.

Beachkind was born from our longing for a sunscreen that smells good - AND - is kind to people, animals and the environment. We are all familiar with the classic sunscreen brands that smell of summer, tropical drinks and tan. Unfortunately, however, these often contain substances that are toxic to marine life and potentially disruptive to both humans and the environment.

We want to offer everyone the chance to choose a sunscreen that smells good, is functional and at the same time protects the environment. Everyone should simply be able to choose to be a beach hero!


We hope you will join us on this sunny journey together!


Have a Beachkind'a day!

Mona & Christian