Common Questions

Below we have collected questions and answers to what our beach heroes tend to think about and ask about.

Does your sunscreen turn you white?

Answer: No! Our sunscreens use "invisible zinc" which leaves no white film, so-called "white cast", on the skin.
However, you can get a little white from our natural lip balm with sun protection, which leaves a light protective film on the lips.

What kind of perfume do you use in your products?

Answer: It says "perfume" in the ingredients list on our products and that is because we cannot print "natural perfume" without explaining the product in more detail, which we do not have space for.

Our fragrance is a blend of natural oils that is very mild. When developing the fragrance, we were careful to ensure that there were no allergenic residues in the fragrance mixture we chose, as this is otherwise common when using essential oils.

Are your sunscreens safe for pregnant women?

Answer yes.

We use well-proven and mild ingredients such as natural and organic oils,
butters, waxes, minerals and vitamins all of which have been shown to be safe for human health.
They are safe for both the mother and the baby in the womb.

We only use non-nano Zinc Oxide as a UV filter in our sunscreens, which is currently considered the safest choice for both human health, marine life and our planet.